Sick and Tired of Having to Figure Out EVERYTHING By Yourself?

“NEVER worry about building your
website or blog, scripting or editing videos,
crafting highly-converting sales videos, or dealing with
complicated code or software again!”

Finally, there’s someone willing to do it FOR YOU!

(And at a ridiculously reasonable price!)

I am on coaching calls with clients and talking with fellow marketers all the time and I keep hearing the same complaint…

“I just want someone who can do it for me!”

That statement used to annoy me.

But then I thought about it for a few minutes one day and realized that I had “wasted” years learning so many things that I could have just had done for me. I learned how to…

  • Build websites and set up blogs.
  • Make sales videos.
  • Make hand-drawn sketch videos.
  • Edit videos in complicated software.
  • Craft sales letters.
  • Tell stories that effectively sell
  • ….and that’s just the tip of the iceburg!

Don’t Spend Your Time on
Non-Income Producing Activities

I decided that I could really help my fellow marketers out by offering to do many of these things for them so that they wouldn’t have to spend so much time and energy figuring these tedious things out when they could be honing their real expertise, spending time on income-producing activities or (heaven forbid) enjoying their family or a vacation.

So, here’s the deal. Listed below are several things that I offer including the “All-in-One” which includes them all at a really great price.


Blog/Website Setup and Design

Your custom-made blog will include:

  • A premium wordpress theme
  • A personalized header graphic
  • Social media links
  • Facebook like box
  • Custom navigation

This also includes a 30 minute coaching session where I will show you the basics of using WordPress so that you can hit the ground running!

If you would like me to populate your site with pre-written content that you have produced, there will be an extra $50 charge.

Examples of sites I have created:


Blog/Website Setup and Design: $497

Video Editing

Send me your video and I’ll make you look like a super star!

This includes a 20-minute mini coaching session with me where I will give you some pointers on how to get the best lighting and sound in your video and what to do so that my editing will make you look as flawless as possible.

My base fee for video editing is $97.  Your video must be under 2 minutes in length.  Add $100 for each minute over 2.

Here are a couple of examples of my work that I’ve done for clients:


All you’ll need to do is send me your video clips (and pictures if desired) with a description of what you have in mind for the “big picture” of the video. Then, I’ll create a custom video for you (complete with royalty-free music) and upload it directly to your YouTube channel!

Video Editing: $97

“Work with Me” PowerPoint Voiceover Video

Included here will be a 30-min session with me where we will go over what your goals are for the video and specific elements you’d like to include. I will also ask you questions designed to help us “dig up” a story from your life that we can use to make it more engaging and compelling.

The entire video will consist of PowerPoint slides with the copy written on them (see example below). You can choose to do the voice-over yourself or I can do that for you! The video will need to be kept between 5-7 minutes. For every minute more there will be a $50 charge.

Here is an example:



Work with Me Video: $697

“Hand-Sketch” Video

Here again we will get on the phone for 30 minutes and discuss what you want to accomplish with your sketch video.

These videos are proven to hold your viewer’s attention leaps and bounds above regular videos.

We will formulate a story-line for this video and of course include a strong call-to-action at the end. You can send me pictures that you would like to include. This video must be shorter than 3 minutes. For every minute over 3 there will be a $100 charge.

Here is an example:



Sketch Video: $997

The “All-in-One”

Need all the services listed above? No problem! Get them all at a terrific price! You’ll get one Work with Me video, one Sketch video, one Blog/Website design, and one video edited.


The All-in-One: $1997

Have A Special Event You Want To Capture Forever?

Let me shoot, edit and produce your special occasion!

If you are in Boise, Idaho, that’s great! I can also travel upon request.

Here is an example of my work:



Contact me here with details of your event. I look forward to sharing in your special memory!

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