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Welcome To My Blog!

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Then, take some time to look around!

There’s lots of great training here to assist you learning and implementing video marketing in your business.  I’d love to hear from you about your thoughts of this site, the information you’d like to receive and how I’ve helped you in your journey!


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How You Can Create Custom Thumbnails on YouTube

Recently, there have been a TON of changes in the world of video…especially YouTube.   Today I’d like to share with you one of the most exciting changes that I’ve seen in a long time…(drum-roll please….) CUSTOM THUMBNAILS! If you’ve been creating and posting videos for very long at all on YouTube, I’m sure you’ve noticed that you can only choose from 3 random thumbnail pictures. Sometimes these are just plain boring (ok most of the time). And up until recently, only YouTube Partners had the ability to choose any thumbnail they wanted. But now, you can too! (If you follow a few steps first!) [...]

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This Is The Reason I Started Making Money Online.

I feel obligated to share this with you. Like it is my duty.

I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Natasha Hazlett.

It is because of her and her husband Rich that I made my first dollar online. Literally.

So, let me tell you a bit about her:

She’s actually a practicing attorney and she was recently able to quit her full-time job at her law firm.

How cool is that?

The fact that she was able to ditch a professional gig like that is really inspiring, but what I REALLY like about Natasha is how honest she is about her journey. [...]

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How To Make A PowerPoint Voice-Over Sales Video


I’ve recently gotten a TON of people asking me how I make my voice-over videos such as the one on my “Work with Stacia” page.

So, I decided it was time to create a tutorial video on how I personally create mine. Enjoy! [...]

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How To Practically Force Your Blog Visitors To Become Leads


In February, I got a call from Andrew Draughon (the awesome editor for Magnetic Sponsoring’s “What’s Working Now” Magazine).

He asked if I’d be willing to write a feature for WWN.

Of course, I said “Why sure, Andrew, I’d love to!”

(Here’s a pic of me and Andrew… the height difference is quite staggering I know!)  =>

I brainstromed a bit about what I could share with WWN readers and I came up with this:
“The Scared-y Cat’s Guide to Creating a Video that Will Practically Force Your Blog Visitors to Become Leads” [...]

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My Biggest Take-Away from NES 3

I just got home from attending the No Excuses Summit 3 in Las Vegas 2 days ago.

It was an incredible event with a awesome line-up of speakers, great energy and lots of networking with like-minded people.

After the weekend was over, I found myself thinking: “What is the most important thing I learned?”

I thought about it for a while (during my 12-hour drive home) and realized that my biggest take-away didn’t come from a speaker or from anything anyone said to me…



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You Can Do It…

Hello friends!

You have probably been wondering why I’ve “gone underground” for the last while.

Well, I’ve had lots of interesting projects come along.

The biggest project has been putting together a spotlight piece for Magnetic Sponsoring’s “What’s Working Now” magazine!

Here’s the result: [...]

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Valentine’s Day Video — I Give You Me

Today being Valentine’s Day, I want to share a little love. =)

So, I pulled out an old video from the “archives.” It’s one of the first videos I ever made.

It’s all about love and what love really is.

Sit back and let it soak in (for 3 min).

This is literally one of the biggest lesson’s I’ve learned (and anyone can learn) about business and life in general.  [...]

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7 Steps To Increase Your YouTube Time Limit | Increase Upload Time

When you first create a YouTube account, you are alloted 15 minutes per upload. So, if you have a video you’d like to upload that is 15 min and 10 seconds, your upload will fail. Bummer dude. It used to be that there was special criteria that your channel had to meet to qualify for […]

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Something A Little Different

Greetings friends! As you know, my blog posts usually contain a video tutorial giving you a tip about video marketing. Well today I’m feeling like doing something totally different. I want to be candid with you. This week has been a weird, difficult week for me.

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