Do you need more content for your blog and FAST?

How about testimonials?

In this video I show you how to use Google Voice to:

1) Create one piece of content in 3 minutes AND re-purpose it in 4 ways.

2) Easily gather testimonials in audio and text form.

In under 3 minutes with Google Voice you can have a blog-ready post in 4 separate formats!

1) Use the text

2) Mp3 audio file

3) Use mp3 file in video

4) Embed as audio

Watch now to learn how!


Here’s an example of embedding a Google Voice widget:


Here’s how good the transcription came out (I didn’t change a thing…):

“I just wanted to give everybody little demonstration of how this Google Voice feature workers and I explained all of these features in more detail in the video above, but I just want to do in bed this and show you basically how it works. So with this Google Voice feature, and you can create content and have a way for people to leave you testimonial very easily. Basically, all you need to do was calling to leave a voicemail. And it school transcribe the voicemail for you and then you can use that in a variety of ways. And. There is 4 ways that I talk about in the video that you can use Google Voice feature. The first is to just use the tax to that. It transcribes for you. You can use the M P 3 audio file that it creates and then you can use the M P 3 file in the video See, you can make a video and at the pictures or something and they’ve got a video for video marketing and forth. You can actually take a widget. The did created, and in bed that onto your blog or wherever you’d like to share it. And so it’s pretty cool. But there’s 4 ways. All you need to do call land talking or transcribes it putting about a broom you’ve got content. So make sure to watch the video bus and. I hope it’s helping you out.”


Pretty stinkin’ cool huh?!

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To more content for you my friends!

Stacia Hopkins |