Seth Godin advocates using cookies on websites to distinguish between returning visitors and those who are new.

In this video, I’ll show you how you can install a cookie on your blog (using the WWSGD plugin) and increase your opt-in rates!

Watch now: (You’ll love the surprises!)

What did you think? Aren’t those kids great?

Here’s your promised gift =) Just copy it into both of the fields in the WWSGD plugin and customize it to your liking.

<div style=”width: 200px; margin: 0pt 0pt 10px 10px; float: right; padding: 13px; border: 1px dashed rgb(255, 204, 0); color: rgb(0, 0, 0); line-height: 1.5em; background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% rgb(255, 250, 230);”>Welcome! If you’re new here, you’ll want to grab/subscribe to my <a style=”border-bottom: 1px dotted;” href=”” target=”_blank”> Name of what you offer </a> rest of your description.  Thanks for visiting!</div>

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