Valentine’s Day Video — I Give You Me

Today being Valentine’s Day, I want to share a little love. =)

So, I pulled out an old video from the “archives.” It’s one of the first videos I ever made.

It’s all about love and what love really is.

Sit back and let it soak in (for 3 min).

This is literally one of the biggest lesson’s I’ve learned (and anyone can learn) about business and life in general. 

This morning my Mom and Dad gave me a bunch of dark chocolate for V-day. =) Yummo!

How are you going to “share the love” with the people in your life today?

34 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Video — I Give You Me”

  1. Steve Nicholas Says:

    What a beautiful story, Stacia! I think that it is definitely important to remember the things that matter the most. It is really all about people, not about things. Keep up the good work!

  2. Stacia Says:

    Thank you Steve. I appreciate your kind words and your time in making a comment!
    Have a great day!

  3. Lindset Says:

    You had a very beautiful story in here..thanks for sharing this video also..
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  4. Kate.Z Says:

    Hi Stacia,
    I love the way you throw your practical thoughts here, Your so optimization in dealing the life of an individuals… I hope you will continue sharing you adorable thoughts.
    Kate.Z recently insurance

  5. Jen35 Says:

    My day has been completed when I hear you beautiful thoughts when it comes to family relationship. Nice video, Thanks at all…
    Jen35 recently posted..ppi

  6. Slater Says:

    Hi Stacia,
    Sharing your attention to the people around you, especially to your love one is one of the main factors that bring a kind of love to them…As a father, its really a wonderful feeling when receiving a kind of gift from love ones..
    Slater recently posted..Android conference call

  7. GelliAnn Says:

    Hi Stacia…We missed you!Anyway, I love the video you have shared us here…Its awesome!
    GelliAnn recently posted..How To Control Anxiety

  8. dawntracy34 Says:

    I cook special dishes for my family. I cook their favorites and have enjoyable dinner with the… Thanks for this video you shared, I enjoyed it Stacia…
    dawntracy34 recently posted..Women’s Health Blog

  9. Akos Fintor Says:

    Hey Stacia,

    Sweet story.
    I’m just letting you know that for some reason you don’t have audio for your Vimeo video above your opt in box.
    Akos Fintor recently posted..Your Limiting Beliefs | The Most Important Question YOU Can Ask is…

  10. Akos Fintor Says:

    Oh I got it. It was purposely uploaded to Vimeo without audio. :)
    Akos Fintor recently posted..Your Limiting Beliefs | The Most Important Question YOU Can Ask is…

  11. Bethany153 Says:

    You are a sweet lady Stacia! I love your video here. What I did was I gave my family a special dinner. I know they loved it.
    Bethany153 recently posted..Justine Did Some Research on Renegade Millionaire Dan Kennedy

  12. Dhana28 Says:

    I really hope that you had a great valentines.. Thanks for sharing this awesome video.. :)
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  13. Vanessa Says:

    I like your sweetness. Keep it up! Your very adorable indeed.. :)
    Vanessa recently posted..When Are You Most Fertile

  14. YnnaRada Says:

    Wow! What a beautiful story you have here Stacia. I’m very impress of the thoughts that you shared with us. Thanks for sharing this video and Keep up the good work!
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  15. Chezianne Says:

    Hi Stacia…I was really happy that I have found the post you have here because we missed you…Anyway, I hope you can post more of you regarding video-making…
    Chezianne recently posted..How To Control Panic Attacks

  16. Nicole Says:

    Such an inspiring video you have here! :) I agree with you, materials things will never give us contentment in life but only the people that surrounds and love us. Thanks for sharing this. Love it! :)
    Nicole recently advice

  17. Dean.C Says:

    I can’t wait for something more “Stacia” I hope you come back soon and inspired us all the way…
    Dean.C recently posted..How To Clean Grout Around Toilet

  18. Tisha38 Says:

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  19. Grey Says:

    Adapting new things and exploring in unfamiliar activities can surely help in pursuing personal development, because we are enjoying it at the same time learn from this things matter…
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  20. Alice Grey Says:

    Thanks for this video.. it really made me reflect on my life and the world around me. I have been changed.
    Alice Grey recently posted..Why Do I Sweat So Much?

  21. Amy Says:

    I really liked this post! I’ll be pinning it on my pinterest account!
    Amy recently posted..Week 14

  22. laireck Says:

    I like the video. Thanks for the thoughts.
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  23. Cley Says:

    this so nice and I love it.
    thanks that you shared this little love.♥
    Cley recently posted..How to unlock iPhone 3Gs the safest way?

  24. Jenny Says:

    I loved the story! I hope you won’t mind if I shared it to my friends. :)
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  25. Lacey12 Says:

    What a lovely story, it’s inspired me all the way, I feel the sweetness way of getting well with thy father…
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  26. Jaine Says:

    That was inspiring.So sweet. A for effort. Thanks for the great idea you’ve share.
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  27. Laura Says:

    Hi Stacia,
    Hope you can share some more with us, truly inspiring story that will motivate all of us…
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  28. carly Says:

    Sweet video! I’m going to share the story with my little nieces. :)
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  29. Matthew A. Bailey Says:

    Its really a wonderful feeling when receiving a kind of gift from love ones.Truly inspiring story that will motivate all of us…
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  30. Audrey Says:

    I do love to pin it with my friends, I know that they will find it more interesting as I am…
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  31. Keith Says:

    That is so romantic! I wish I had someone like you. haha
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  32. Glones Says:

    It touch from the heart, what a love post… More update please, I do love to be inspire…
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  33. Sandra92 Says:

    What a lovely post, this video is very sweet and lovely…
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  34. Camilo Says:

    You got somthing really cool , the way you speak on each video bring ons my atteting on really getting your course, but I will keep following your tips and videos Untill i get completly sure . Thanks Stacy
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