I just got home from attending the No Excuses Summit 3 in Las Vegas 2 days ago.

It was an incredible event with a awesome line-up of speakers, great energy and lots of networking with like-minded people.

After the weekend was over, I found myself thinking: “What is the most important thing I learned?”

I thought about it for a while (during my 12-hour drive home) and realized that my biggest take-away didn’t come from a speaker or from anything anyone said to me…


What I internalized was the importance of MENTORS and FOCUS.

Awesome glass elevator at the Cosmopolitan where the event was held.


You see, there were so many awesome ideas and things to think about during the weekend that I found myself getting overwhelmed with it all.

I remember feeling so overloaded with information Friday night after just the first several speakers that as I walked back to my hotel room I almost started crying!

It was at that moment that I realized that I needed to quit trying to implement everything and learn everything. I realized that all I needed to do was identify the most important things I could do for my business and run with those. Instead of trying to somehow utilize every bit of information from each speaker, my goal was to glean the most important aspects for my business.


How I Dealt With The Tidal Wave of Information

Since there was such a plethora of information and ideas, I decided that I would take down as many notes as I could for future reference but then only use those things that are vital to my business at this point in time.

Several times during the weekend I found myself being “lured in” by shiny objects and thinking “maybe if I did this or that…” And then after asking myself if it was really relevant to my business, I was amazed that each time the answer was “no.”

And the funny thing is, I got more out of my 12 hour drives to and from Vegas masterminding with my mentors than out of the event!

Why? Because what we discussed was 100% relevant and applied directly to my goals and my business.

Honestly, finding a mentor who has what you want, who will guide you and “tell it like it is” is absolutely invaluable.

So, in a nutshell..

Find a mentor who you can trust and allow to mold you and your business and then put the blinders on and focus. Period. =)

To the Top!