Greetings friends!

As you know, my blog posts usually contain a video tutorial giving you a tip about video marketing.

Well today I’m feeling like doing something totally different.

I want to be candid with you.

This week has been a weird, difficult week for me.

Why? Could be lots of reasons from not eating so great during the past Thanksgiving week to simply neglecting my personal development.

In fact I think it is a little of both.

So here’s what I’d like to share with you.

I just got off the phone with a mentor of mine. I related to him my experience this week and he gave an analogy that struck me:

“Imagine a person sitting in the garage with the car turned on. All of the carbon monoxide coming from that car can and eventually will kill that person if they stay in there long enough. But, just 5 feet away behind that thin garage door is life-giving oxygen. All that person needs to do is change their location by 5 feet!”

Then, I was reminded about the power of association.

Association doesn’t always mean just the people we are around. (Although that is a huge part.)

It also means what kind of media we are taking in, what music we are listening to, and what we then say to ourselves.

It is this “self-talk” that is so crucial.

What and who we associate with determines what we say to ourselves. And what we say to ourselves affects our actions and hence our entire lives.

So today, I am writing this as a reminder to myself to associate with only those things that edify.

Associate with God. Associate with good books. Associate with positive, uplifting people. Associate with great music.

All of this will act as a giant life boat that will keep your mental state positive and healthy and will in turn help you to become that leader, that parent, that sibling, that spouse, and that business owner that you know you have inside of you.

Thank you for your positive association!