In order to make great-looking videos, you’ve got to have a way to edit them!

In this short tutorial video, I’ll show you how to target=”_blank”>download Windows Live Movie Maker.

Learn how to download Windows Live Movie Maker and then install movie maker on your computer.



Here’s the transcript for all you speed readers! =)

Let’s jump right over to Google and I’ll show you how to get Windows Movie Maker downloaded. Alright so here we are on Google and as simple as this is we’ll just type in Windows Movie Maker and here we have lots of options but we’ll just go ahead and click this first one here and you get to a page that’ll look similar to this and you’ll see Windows Live Movie Maker 2011. Then you’ll click download now.

As soon as it’s done downloading, you’ll just go ahead and open the file and you’ll see this box pop up here preparing to install and it could take a few minutes.

Ok now once this box pops up for you during the installation process, you’ll probably want to choose this second option which is to choose the programs that you want to install because unless you want all of these things that they are going to have you install, I would rather just install Windows Movie Maker and not get all this other stuff with it. So go ahead and choose the programs you want to install, click that option, then you’ll see this page and it will say we are going to install these things when we install Movie Maker and here again I don’t want to have these so I will just uncheck them then it says these programs will be updated, these programs I do have on my computer and photo gallery and movie maker is part of that.

So perfect just click install and then just wait here while the bar moves slowly.

Once you finished waiting for it to install, you’ll get a little popup that says you are done and it will ask you to restart your computer. Ok so I have actually already installed it previously so I am not going to restart right now but I’ll show you how to go ahead and open it up once you have restarted your computer and you’re ready to go.

You might have it here already in your panel where you can just click on it and open the program or if you have windows 7 you can use the search feature and I just type in Windows Movie and it pops up here and it’s called Windows Live Movie Maker ok?

If you click on it, it will come right up here it is ready for us to start playing and having a good time making some videos.

Alright well I hope that helped you get Windows Movie Maker on your machine ready to go and I’m excited to share with you the upcoming videos about how to use it and you can find more video tutorials and tips and tricks on my blog at http://StaciaHopkins.com