In February, I got a call from Andrew Draughon (the awesome editor for Magnetic Sponsoring’s “What’s Working Now” Magazine).

He asked if I’d be willing to write a feature for WWN.

Of course, I said “Why sure, Andrew, I’d love to!”

(Here’s a pic of me and Andrew… the height difference is quite staggering I know!)  =>

I brainstromed a bit about what I could share with WWN readers and I came up with this:
“The Scared-y Cat’s Guide to Creating a Video that Will Practically Force Your Blog Visitors to Become Leads”

In the video just for WWN subscribers I covered the exact strategy I use to make my blog visitors excited about opting-in to my list.

I even gave every WWN reader a PDF download of the exact steps I use to create this lead-sucking video.

Andrew and I talked again after that feature and he asked to me to do another feature.

This time I decided to “up the ante” and give away my something bolder: “My sneaky YouTube Secret That Will Turn Your Video Viewers Into Leads…and for FREE!”

Now, the cool thing for you is that I usually charge $97 for this information like this but if you click on the link below you can access this training for just one measly dollar.

Click here for $1 access.

To your success,
Stacia Hopkins

P.S. If you’ve been following me much, you know that I don’t promote many things. But this is a deal that is too good to pass up.  Not only will you get my feature but you’ll get awesome Facebook ads training from Rich and Natasha Hazlett, landing page secrets from Jim Yaghi, marketing tricks from Ty Tribble and how to generate all the leads you’ll ever need from Diane Hochman.

**Oh and you’ll learn from Michelle and Bill Pescosolido, Russel Brunson and of course Jason Better. And (if you can believe it) that’s just this month’s issue that you can grab for a buck. Click here for $1 access.