How To Use YouTube’s Video Editor | Detailed Step-by-Step Tutorial


Have you ever gotten stressed out or just plain frustrated when you know that you’ve got a video to edit?

(Or maybe you don’t even know how to start!)

Have no fear!

YouTube’s brand new video editor allows you to edit your videos right inside of your internet browser.

Watch this detailed tutorial to learn about each and every feature in the new YouTube editor:

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With the YouTube video editor you can:

– Trim your video
– Rotate your video
– Stabilize your footage
– Change the fill light, contrast, saturation and color temperature
– Choose from many video filters such as sepia and cartoon
– Swap out your audio for one of YouTube’s tracks

Happy stress-free video editing!

92 Responses to “How To Use YouTube’s Video Editor | Detailed Step-by-Step Tutorial”

  1. Shree Says:

    Learnt the lot with this video tutorial.. Thanks for sharing!
    Shree recently posted..How to add Royalty Free Music to YouTube Videos?

  2. MyIloveuforever Says:

    how do you do like if you want to do some parts of a episode and upload them .and upload them with music that is what i want to do please help

  3. babycakes24xo Says:

    [..YouTube..] thankyou so much 😀

  4. ThaJewishPanda Says:

    [..YouTube..] okay my question is how do i trim between my video… like take out a part in “the middle”

  5. bmb4243 Says:

    [..YouTube..] I do I put my own music into my videos?

  6. inzink1 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Thank you s00000 much!

  7. Jaz Asi Says:

    [..YouTube..] After saving, will it change the URL or link if it’s 1,011 views? Please reply.

  8. KiddParadise760 Says:

    [..YouTube..] i want a pesifict song for my video but i dont know how to put it on my video how do i do that?

  9. gamingl3g3ndz Says:

    [..YouTube..] can someone help because i added music to my video on youtube editor, but when i played it back my voice audio was gone! When i tried to take the music off it said error occurred! someone please help!

  10. Rockandavid Says:

    How to you do fast motion with music?

  11. seattlevlogger Says:

    how did you get that “subscribe” box on your video?

  12. Jack W Says:

    [..YouTube..] what about putting in backgrounds and shit

  13. yourmomgr8 Says:

    I have the same problem. >.<

  14. lovecanadageese Says:

    [..YouTube..] Wonderful tutorial. I like the fact that you do it step by step so that people like me, with no experience at video editing can easily follow your instructions. Thanks.

  15. Izit legit Says:

    thanks very helpful

  16. Rashid Gill Says:

    Hi JewishPanda: You asked how to trim a part from the middle of a clip. Do this: 1: Upload two copies of the same clip. (might need to choose different names for the same file.) 2: Trim the right side of one clip up to the point where you want to trim. 3: Trim the left side of the OTHER clip (which is 2nd copy of same clip). 4: Mix both clips together. The final clip will be one clip, but with the part trimmed out.

  17. BRUCE DEERY Says:

    Great instructional video Stacia…referred by David

  18. Judy Epstein Says:

    [..YouTube..] Really useful and easy to understand video, Stacia! Kathy Boyce recommended you.

  19. Judy Epstein Says:

    Really useful and easy to understand video, Stacia! Kathy Boyce recommended you.

  20. Da Mega GameR Says:

    [..YouTube..] is it normal for video’s to take like 3 hours for a 30 second vid normal??

  21. Da Mega GameR Says:

    is it normal for video’s to take like 3 hours for a 30 second vid normal??

  22. Kenan Aydın Says:

    Thank you.

  23. Michael Thomas Angelo Says:

    Can you apply one of those filter effects like the cartoon over just a portion of your video instead of the whole thing? I was trying to start the cartoon filter about halfway through my video but when I saw the finished product after it finished uploading several hours later, it had changed all the footage instead of the few seconds I wanted it to. Do you know if this is possible?

  24. Stacia Says:

    To do this, you’d have to upload two different sections of your video and then put them together using YouTube’s editor. It’s a bummer, but that is what it is!

  25. amitsriv99 Says:

    Thank you Stacia.. I just trimmed one of my uploaded video to remove very unpleasant squeaky sound at the very end of the video….

  26. Batclonesfreind Says:

    How do you crop videos like black bars?

  27. Nintendo Blue Says:

    In 2013 There is No More Editing Equipment to use they took it off….

  28. CurlyHaired Brunette Says:

    [..YouTube..] Actually, they still have a YouTube editor, it’s in the inbox section:)

  29. jackson jones Says:

    [..YouTube..] were do i find the icon to get to video editor help

  30. Digna Espinal Says:

    [..YouTube..] i guess you would just have to make it private . than after just public. thats my guess .

  31. onetwofri Says:

    this is sparta

  32. carlos davi Says:

    carlho tendi nada

  33. sanjay suman Says:

    this is wayy to old the youtube has updated

  34. Kate Glenn Says:

    great step by step! Thank you.

  35. Greg Dahlen Says:

    I made a first video, and I want to add a new second video to it, but keep the comments people put on the first video. Is it possible, how do I do it?

  36. Jahnan Derso Says:

    This is so helpful, Stacia. Thanks for all the tips!

  37. MrSlothGameing Says:

    how do you put music at the end of you’re videos

  38. T.E.M.A.(Awareness) Says:

    How come my Youtube set up is totally different? I have my name and a Bell
    icon …

  39. Le David Morris Says:

    Thank you very much!

  40. orangequant Says:

    Really helpful- thanks.

  41. cassie Jasi Says:

    Is it possible to edit the noise on my uploaded video ?


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